30 Day Challenge

30 Days to see what you can achieve, whilst challenging yourself physically and mental

This 30 day challenge is designed for you to leave your comfort zone and see what you’re capable of. Weekly challenges will be set and it's down to you to complete these challenges alongside learning about your nutrition and how this can excel your results. Give you more energy, drop weight and become overall fitter and leaner. Use these 30 days as a fitness kick-start or simply as a challenge… Remember 30 days isn’t a long time so let's get to work.

  • Weekly check-in to push you to the limit

    Personal weekly check-ins to review progress, tweak targets and goals & make changes where necessary

  • Intense weekly challenges

    Be prepared to be challenge with your fitness as well as the nutrition side looking in to what you’re eating and how it can be improved to see further results

  • Fierce personalised targets and goals

    Tailored to you, realistic and challenging calories, macro and exercise targets and goals to ensure you achieve incredible results in just 30 days.

  • Dedicated members areas to track personal progress

    Exclusive Members Area where you can find a selection of Recipes, 100+ Exercises, follow-at-home workouts, meal examples, the ability to monitor and track your progress and much more

  • Meal examples, how to hit your calories / macros

    Struggling to hit your calories and macros target? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, there are meal examples to do exactly what is says… Shows you how to hit your calories and macro targets

Before and after shots are required, I will ask for consent to post on social media platforms as I know not everyone will want to be online.