About George Grayson Fitness

Why trust me with your health and fitness journey?

I have 8 years experience working in the fitness industry, I strive to help transform as many people's lives as I can. Providing them with the knowledge and tools to create a healthy balanced relationship with food and exercise.

George Grayson

Over the last 2 years I have helped over a 1000 people transform their lives, this is a personal passion of mine and I absolutely love to help people on their journey.

Now my time is split delivering high-intensity workouts across numerous venues, delivering world class online programmes and providing 1-2-1 sessions to clients.

I do this job and work in this industry because I love it, I have the ability to help change people's lives through what I do and nothing is more rewarding.

Everything happens for a reason, you are about to go onto greater and better things