Set your GOALS, now let’s work towards hitting them. Do you want to get lean, get fit, and ultimately see healthy results? Start your journey with me now.


Cardio focused workout but will still have elements of Strength based exercises. Expect to burn around 350-650 calories during the 45 minutes of workout time.

During your 45 minutes you will be using variety of equipment (Treadmill, Bike, Plyo boxes, Battle ropes and boxing). Every Cardio workout will be completely different each time you attend a GG Workout.


Strength focused workout using dumbbells, Kettlebells, barbells and slam balls. This workout will also contain elements of Cardio throughout.

This session is perfect for those who want to tone their physique through a variety of exercises targeting each area of the body (Upper, Lower & Core).


A fitness based sessions that combines the cardio and strength elements whilst testing your endurance capabilities.