8 Week Program

A transformation! Mentally and physically!

I have crafted this awesome program through years of experience in the field. Men and Women’s bodies work very differently so I have adapted the program to suit individual needs. You will see positive results such as lose fat, improved skin, better sleep, having more energy, hitting new 5k and 10k PB’s and overall lifestyle change. You will learn all you need to know to take your fitness journey to the next level. This will change your life, we’ve helped hundreds of clients so far. You’ve got 1 life to live, make that positive change today, be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

  • Personalised targets and goals

    Tailored to you, realistic and challenging caloric, macro and exercise targets and goals to ensure you achieve incredible results in just eight weeks.

  • Personal weekly check-in to review progress and focus for the following week.

    Personal weekly check-ins to review progress, tweak targets and goals & make changes where necessary.

  • Program guide

    You’ll receive an in-depth PDF covering all aspects of the 8-week program, from tracking your macros to how to check in and much more.

  • Accountable group coaching to share recipes, ideas and hacks

    Ask questions, give motivation, share recipes and celebrate your results with other members of the GG 8-week program. I will be in this group and will answer all questions where possible.

  • Dedicated Members Area to track your progress

    Exclusive Members Area where you can find over 35+ Recipes, 100+ Exercises, 40+ follow-at-home workouts, meal examples, the ability to monitor and track your progress and much more

  • Recipe & meal examples, including videos

    In-depth recipes by myself and Master Chef professionals covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with a video for each.

  • Live Q&A’s via Zoom

    Weekly team Zoom Calls, where I’ll cover key topics that will help you stay on track and make critical changes to your life that will transform you physically and mentally

  • Personalised targets/goals to achieve over the next 8 weeks.

    Individual calorie/protein intake and step goals (KEY).

  • 40+ Home & Gym Workout Videos

    Follow at-home or in-the-gym workouts for all experience levels with video demonstrations of each exercise,

  • Nutritional guidance and tips.

    I will provide you with tips, tricks and guidance I’ve learnt in my several years of experience helping people become fitter & healthier via nutrition.

Before and after shots are required, I will ask for consent to post on social media platforms as I know not everyone will want to be online.

I’ve seen transformation photos and PT plans doing the rounds on socials for years. Whilst I’ve always admired the results, I’ve never felt encouraged to do them as they always seem somewhat unrealistic and a short term fix. This 8 Week plan was anything but, it has worked for me due to hard work, willpower and the desire to change!

However, it’s down to the structure, simplicity and encouragement of GG and his plan that made this achievable! The daily drive and reminder to stay consistent in all areas was all I needed. The plan is not a diet, it’s an education to understand your body, your strength and your aspirations.

This is the best way I could have started 2021, long may it continue!

- Rebecca Prime

I initially did the 4 week plan with George where I lost 4.9kg after gaining some weight back over Christmas I then decided to do the 8 week plan. I found once I was in a routine the plan is really easy to stick to and with George’s help you get into a really good groove of being motivated with it.

For my work I am away a lot also working shift patterns which means often having to eat at weird times through the day and night, even through this I made the plan work to fit around me. The WhatsApp group chats were really encouraging and kept you focused with other like minded people. Thanks to George altogether I have lost 8.2kgs I am now regularly running 11kms and am aiming for a half marathon! Doing the plan has not only helped me gain confidence but also put me on a good path that I will carry on in the future thanks George!!!

- Emily Harmen

I would highly recommend George as a personal trainer, or if you require guidance on fitness & lifestyle changes. He has a friendly nature coupled with a real focus on training & helping you to achieve your goals.

In a short period of time George has changed my attitude, not only about exercise, but largely my diet. Helping me to find a balance between a busy work/social life, and reaching the body goal I desired. The results truly speak for themselves’

- Emma Ryder