Bootcamps is an outdoor workout/class with minimal equipment. Equipment that might be involved is cones, resistance bands, Kettlebells and tyres.

Bootcamps are a summer mainly run workout and are spread across Sheffield hitting both sides of the city. Endcliffe park and Burncross are the main areas where the Bootcamps are run. Each Bootcamp cost £8 per person and have a max of 30 people in each workout. It is fantastic for those who love to train outside and with friends / family.

Bootcamp will consist of a variety of things such as, interval sprints, competitions, team games, lower body work, upper body work, abs, circuits and assault courses. All fitness levels are welcome and can take part in any and every bootcamp I run. Exercises can be adapted to any little injuries anyone might have.

Bootcamps will run either in the morning or in the evening. Bootcamp times will be announced a month or 2 before the first bootcamp. Once the bootcamp day / time has been announced it will run every week on a recurring basis.